Edison Sailing Center
would like to welcome you to
our dedicated River Romp Regatta website

The Edison Sailing Center in collaboration with US Sailing and West Marine is proud to announce the 16th Annual River Romp Regatta in Fort Myers, Florida (we’ve been doing this over 20 years…unofficially)!

We appreciate your interest and continued support of River Romp.  We would especially like to thank Lee County TDC/VCB for helping to make this event and this website a reality!

This year’s River Romp Regatta will be held on the weekend of October 19-20 with early event check-in opening on Friday evening October 18th.

All event check-ins and boat launches will occur from the beach at the North Shore location (13001 N Cleveland Av, North Fort Myers). A map of the location is available on our Maps & Directions page.

As always, this event is a US Sailing Junior Olympics Regatta. All sailors must be US Sailing members to participate.

ESC is grateful to the Lee County Parks & Recreation Dept.
for allowing us to use their North Shore Park facilities
for our event and our sailing programs.

County regulations do not allow
pets, alcohol or tobacco on park property.
The Regatta Committee and ESC Board of Directors
kindly ask for everyone’s cooperation in adhering to these regulations.

Sailors are asked to bring a labeled, reusable container
for water/lemonade in an effort to reduce plastics & cans

Download PDF copy of 2013 River Romp NOR

Download PDF copy of 2013 River Romp Registration